FREE Day at Aichi International School

Open School

Aichi International School is offering a FREE day of school for all children around Nagoya, between the ages of 2-11 years old. On Tuesday 31st March 2015 AIS’s doors will be open for anyone to study in English. This is a great opportunity for children to experience the surroundings and environment of an accredited bi-lingual international school.

Children can come and experience lessons taught in English for a full-day between 8.30am-3.15pm. Students will be able to participate in 6 one hour lessons throughout the school day. To reflect the daily schedule of regular AIS attending students, children who participate in the kindergarten program will play and study exclusively in English, where as in the elementary school program the students will have an hour of Japanese instruction. This is the same for AIS students, as the kindergarten program is taught in English, where as around 25-35% of the elementary school curriculum is taught in Japanese.

At the Open House event students will be placed and grouped together in classes based on their ages and the number of students participating in the event.

At the 2014 edition of this event we had over 60 students, so it was pretty busy day, but all of the students went away having had a good experience of life at any international school.

Date Listed : 06-Jan-15

Address : Japan, 〒465-0078 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Meitō-ku, Nijigaoka, 2 Chome UR都市機構アーバンラフレ虹ケ丘西4号棟


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10/14(月・祝)大阪・心斎橋飲み お好み焼き鉄板料理食べ放題オフ会19:00~
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