English Lessons in Tokyo Area

Hello! My name is Jon. I am from Canada and have been teaching English in Japan for about 2 years. I currently teach English for many situations: business, travel, daily conversation, hobby.

No matter what your reason for learning English, I can provide customized lessons to make learning English fun, interesting and progressive.

I offer 45 minute lessons for 3500yen and 60 minute lessons for 4500yen, and of course, our first lesson is free.

Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions for me.

Looking forward to meeting you and helping you accomplish you goals!


Date Listed: 13-Nov-13

Address : Tokyo, Japan


メカトロニクスエンジニア ※国籍不問
トヨタ プリウス 車検 1日車検
Study Japanese for JLPT
★ 社会人サークルどりどり ◆ 2014年4月 全国 ◆ お勧めイベント情報!!\(^o^)/ ★
ピロ付き 車高調 販売 ピロアッパーマウント付き車高調販売 セルシオ車高調
MINI R55/R56/R57(全グレード) 車高調販売、ミニ用車高調販売

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